2019 Visibility Event


Discovering our Hidden Narratives: Strengthening our Roots” visibility celebration will be held on Thursday, May 23, from 5pm to 7pm at the MET Media Center/Black Box, 325 Public Street in Providence. ARISE is excited to announce this year’s annual visibility theme, which highlights and speaks to our work continuing through 2019.

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This year’s theme, “Discovering our Hidden Narratives: Strengthening our Roots,” underscores the work of our young people in learning about their history and current realities as a way to thrive and build youth power. Three of our powerful highlights were: launching a youth-led educational justice campaign, growing and sustaining our student-centered ethnic studies programming, and implementing a research project on the Southeast Asian educational experience in Rhode Island.  During the event youth will share what they have been working on and we will present our ACCESS, EQUITY and SUCCESS Value Awards.