Youth Leaders

ARISE's Youth Leaders are a cohort of stipended youth who meet throughout the year to support their development, relationships, and work as community organizers.


What do arise

Youth Leaders do?

As an ARISE Youth Leader, you will participate in a range of learning opportunities including:

  • political education trainings, where you will develop your knowledge of systems of power, yourself, your community, and justice work

  • school visits and youth organizing conferences, where you will build power with youth organizers across the country

  • workshops with local community organizers, where you will develop leadership, advocacy, and organizing skills

  • participating in and organizing community workshops, gatherings, and political actions with other youth organizers across the city

  • campaign work to build youth power across the city and fight for educational justice in our public schools

Youth Leaders are expected to participate in an application and orientation process; commit 4-6 hours a week to the program; lead ARISE work within our programs and our larger organization; build relationships with the Youth Leader cohort, other youth organizers, and classmates; share knowledge, skills, and opportunities for leadership with other youth outside of ARISE programs; recruit youth to ARISE programs; and invest in social justice work. 

Our current cohort is working in coalition with youth organizers at Providence Youth Student Movement to launch a campaign for educational justice in the Providence Public School District. 

Current Youth Leaders


Mealaktey Sok

Junior Facilitator | she/her/hers |

Mealaktey Sok is a Cambodian American from Providence, Rhode Island. She is currently a junior at Classical High School. She is the daughter of two Cambodian refugees. She works as a junior facilitator at ARISE to both lead others and learn from others on how to be socially conscious, as well as provide access and success for disadvantaged groups within her community. With her motto, “Always strive and prosper”, she hopes to empower Khmer people and tell their history. She also loves art and hopes that through her work, she can express her ideas in different creative forms.


Salimatou Kaba

Junior Facilitator | she/her/hers | 

Sali Kaba was born in Providence, RI and is a junior at Times 2 STEM Academy. She participated in ARISE programs in Summer 2018 to find herself and confidence. She loves the acceptance and positivity that ARISE gives to everyone they encounter and enjoys being in ARISE’s company. She is passionate about self love, and youth empowerment. She is ready to encourage youth who feel out of place and face new challenges that will help her grow.


Renina Wynn

Junior Facilitator | she/her/hers |

Renina Wynn is a junior at Moses Brown School and one of our Youth Leaders. She has been with us since our first cohort in the summer of 2016. She is very passionate about the empowerment of youth, as she has made many of the ARISE videos on our website, and has been a big help with the social media pages. Her growth within ARISE has been exponential. When she first joined ARISE she was also starting high school and felt lost, which has truly been her drive for youth empowerment and confidence development. Lastly Renina really enjoys track and field, video editing, and listening to her favorite artist Rex Orange County. 


Jeny daniels-SAVIN

Youth Leader | she/her/hers |

Hello, I’m Jeny (pronounced Jen-I, not Jenny) Daniels. I’m fifteen years old, but I don’t always act like it. My mom is Cambodian and my father is African-American, but according to my friends I am blasian (black and asian). My family consists of me, my three brothers, my sister and my parents. I’m the middle child so I’m always put under pressure. I have to set an example for my older and younger siblings, so I’m used to being a leader. At school, I am the president for my graduating class of 2022. I am also in outdoor track and field, theater, and orchestra. Through these things, I am able to express myself and show that I too can make a difference. Life is too short, so I try to make a difference and help others who need it more than I do.


Niamiah Jefferson

Youth Leader | she/her/hers |

Niamiah Jefferson is a junior at Ponaganset High School. As an African American student who attends a predominantly white school, she feels as though her voice is being silenced, and does not see enough curriculum about people of color being taught. As a part of ARISE, she aspires to make the voices of marginalized groups heard in areas like her school, where it holds no value, and would like to have more ethnic based curriculum that focuses on people of color. Along with being a part of ARISE, she is a hard working student who participates in track and field and is inspired by J.Cole.



Youth Leader | he/him/his |

Hi, you can call Ger or Jay. Proud Hmong. ARISE Family. “If you don’t speak for yourself, who will?”


Akyla Proeung

Youth Leader | she/her/hers |

Akyla currently attends Cranston East High School as a freshman. She is excited to be a part of the ARISE Youth Leaders and hope to continue growing as a person.


Victoria Lee Castro

Youth Leader | she/her/hers |

Hi I’m Victoria, I’m currently an Arise youth leader and proud I’m 17 . If you can’t be the art make the art 💜


Angel Pan

Youth Leader | he/him/his |

Angel Pan a.k.a Lil Loco is a young bull rising the ranks of life as a youth leader and soon to be MVP in ARISE. Throughout life he’d face adversity, but it shaped him as a person and taught him the life lesson that things do change for the better as long as you’re relentless. Angel is a talented basketball player on the court and in his room(goated at 2k). You should get to know Loco because he will never fold or switch up on you promise! Angel currently attends Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School as a sophomore with solid grades. His reasoning behind joining ARISE is to strengthen his leadership skills because he loves the aspects of being an activist and all he wants is see people living in harmony and prospering beside one another. In conclusion Angel is big hearted kid that is currently evolving everyday as an individual and ARISE is a positive impact in his life that is preparing him for the real world.


Tyler Pan

Youth Leader | he/him/his |

Tyler grew up in Lowell Massachusetts, moved to Providence, Rhode Island at the age 8. I grew up with 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother. I first found Arise, July 15th 2019 and joined their first program "Hidden Lotus". Throughout that program I started to grow fond of Arise and decided to do the other programs. Their other programs talked about serious things about educational justice and south east asians. I wanted to do more and be part of something, so i decided to join the youth leader program. I am a visual arts editor on social medias and display messages in my edits, I have been editing for 3 years now. I am currently 17 now and still progressing and wanting to improve my skills and leadership by becoming a youth leader.


Krisnu Chuon

Youth Leader | he/him/his or any |

Hello, my name is Krisnu and I am Cambodian. I am sixteen years old and attend Cranston High School East as a junior. I volunteer at my school's library, the Cranston Central Public Library, and Miriam Hospital. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. I am a kind and competitive person. I enjoy playing card games and listening to Kpop.

Interested in applying?


Youth Leaders recruit a new cohort of youth once a year. Interested youth must go through an application process. In 2019, applicants were asked to attend an info session, submit this application form by August 9th, 2019. You can also turn in your application via paper form to our office.

Newly accepted YL will be expected to attend our orientation on August 15th, 2019 from 2-4:30PM.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.00.39 AM.png

Captions (left to right):

1). Brian competing in the papaya salad eating contest at PrYSM-ARISE's Southeast Asian New Year Youth Celebration

2). Francois making a stencil of a butterfly at the PrYSM-ARISE Campaign Art Workshop

3). Patrick, Aaron, and Serrina explaining their school design at the PrYSM-ARISE Educational Justice Retreat

4). Visiting the Resilient Roots community farm in Camden during the Grassroots Asians Rising youth conference

5). ARISE Youth Leaders meeting activist and prison abolitionist Cece McDonald after the screening of her documentary, Free Cece!

6). Building projection in Philadelphia by Asian American community activists at the Grassroots Asians Rising youth conference

7). ARISE Youth Leaders at our annual Amplifying Student Voice and Leadership dinner

8). ARISE Youth Leaders Symone, Brian, and Renina

9). ARISE and PrYSM Youth Leaders participating in a school build workshop with the Center for Youth and Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE) at the PrYSM-ARISE Educational Justice Retreat

10). ARISE and PrYSM Youth Leaders at the Youth Leadership Institute in Massachusetts

11). Ger and Deijah at the Washington D.C. March for Our Lives with a poster made by Mealaktey

12). ARISE and PrYSM Youth Leaders at the PrYSM-ARISE Campaign Planning Retreat

13). Brian and Nick at the Amplifying Student Voice and Leadership School Visits

14). ARISE and PrYSM Youth Leaders facilitating a workshop at the Youth Leadership Institute in Massachusetts

15). Youth organizers from across the country at the Grassroots Asians Rising youth conference in Philadelphia

16). Destiny and Nancy posing a question to Providence city council candidates at the Providence Housing Crisis: City Council Candidate Forum.