We did it! "All Students Count Act" Passes in Rhode Island

ARISE is extremely excited and the proud of the work that was put towards passing the "All Students Count Act" in Rhode Island. Aggregated academic achievement data of Asian Americans have overshadowed the real experiences of the many subgroups within the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) population.  There are 48 different subgroups within the AAPI that have different cultures, languages, histories and backgrounds.  The "All Students Count Act" requires the disaggregation of data in the schools to better understand the educational experiences of the many subgroups within the AAPI population.

Many were involved in pushing for this act to pass, and we are honored to have the support of RI legislators as we continue to advocate for educational success of Southeast Asians.  Also, Rhode Island is the THIRD state to pass this law.  We are making history!  Thank you to all for the continued support.

Read the Southeast Asian Resource Action Center's (SEARAC) press release on this news here.

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