ACN Sign Up


  1. Create an account at

Find the Create an Account link at the upper right hand corner of the page.

  1. Pre-register for your ACN course(s)
  • Select the course you want to take and click on the black Pre-register button below the course information which will add the course to your cart.
  • Check out by clicking on your cart or the green Complete Pre-registration button.
  • You will receive an email that confirms your pre-registration.
  • Your pre-registration will automatically be sent to your school for review / approval.
  • You will receive an email letting you know if you are (or are not) enrolled in the course.

** Summer 2018 Semester = can only choose ONE course / Fall 2018 Semester = can choose up to TWO courses **

  1. Follow course provider’s directions

Be on the look for an email from your course provider once you are approved by your school. This email will contain any additional information or instructions you will need to follow before the start of your course.

This time around, we sent RIDE the email language I send out to students once they approved by their school for their course selection. This is it below:

Welcome to Roger Williams University!

If you are a NEW STUDENT enrolling into Roger Williams University – School of Continuing Studies, you MUST complete STEPS TWO & THREE below.

If you are a RETURNING student, you may skip steps two & three, BUT please email me ( with the name of the course you are taking and whether or not it is ONLINE or Face-to-face. This will ensure I am enrolling you into the correct course for the Summer 2018 and/or Fall 2018 semester.


Congratulations on completing step one and getting your course choices approved by your school! Follow the next two steps below. Here’s a link with the same steps and also for STEP TWO with screenshots for visual reference. You will need to have your Social Security # on hand and ready if you do not remember it.


STEP TWO – Filling out Application

Please go to this link:


(1)   At the top right hand corner, click on where it says “Apply”. (Recommend using Google Chrome for best functionality)

(2)   Scroll down a bit and click on “Summer 2018 or Fall 2018” under “Visiting Students select your term”. DO NOT CLICK on the first “Summer 2018 or Fall 2018” you see, which is under where it says “Full-time Students select your term:”. CHOOSE THE ONE UNDER VISTING STUDENTS.

(3)   Create an account by filling in the necessary fields. For the “Username”, I would recommend using the email address you used to sign up with the Advanced Coursework Network (ACN) to make it easier to remember. The “Contact Postal Code” is another term for your Zip Code. For the “Email”, input the same one used to sign up with the Advanced Coursework Network (ACN). Once finished, click “Create Account”.

(4)   Fill out the form. Under “Do you have a social security number?”, if “No”, we will contact via email and/or phone to confirm this and ask to fill out a form in place of the SS#. The “Email” should be the same one used to create an account. Under “Which program are you participating in?”, please select “Advanced Course Network (ACN)”. Sign and date, then click “Submit” when finished. 

STEP THREE – Orientation (TBD) 

You are almost done! Thank you for completing our online application.


Orientation is mandatory for new students and to be determined. More details to come. Please make sure you are frequently checking your personal email as this is how I will update/communicate with you.


Orientation is optional. If you would like to come for a refresher, please let me know. I will add you to the email list once we have more details (i.e. dates, times, etc.).

Parents, siblings and family members are welcome to attend student orientations. Food will be served. Be prepared to take your student ID photo!

Orientations will be held at our downtown Providence campus located at 1 Empire St Providence, RI 02903Dates and times are TBD.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to or Esther Jazmin,

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