As we strive for racial equity and closing the opportunity gaps for our students, we believe that systematic change is necessary. To ensure that our communities have access to the resources that they deserve and are entitled to, we work closely with policy makers and state leaders to advocate for policies and regulations that count our communities and promote our educational outcomes.

Policy Change


All Students Count Act

ARISE is the trusted resource for Southeast Asian data for policy makers and state leaders in Rhode Island. In 2016, we introduced the "All Students Count Act" in Rhode Island. The "All Students Count Act" passed in 2017!

All Students Count Act will:

  • Require the Rhode Island Department of Education to report more enhanced, segmented data at the K-12 levels for their annual state report cards
  • These data will include the following ethnic categories: Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Hmong, and other Southeast Asian
  • These data will also include cross-tabulated data of student outcome by gender, disability, and English proficiency

House Bill 5453

Senate Bill 439 

Recognition and Speeches 


2017 NAACP Thurgood Marshall Award: In recognition for advocating, promoting and facilitating the economic, cultural and social benefits of people of color in our inclusion in American Society

2017 PrYSM POWER Award: PrYSM defines POWER as: We must shift POWER into the hands of the people through direct action, base building, community coalitions and youth organizing. PrYSM builds power by centering the experiences of the most oppressed and developing grassroots leadership.

2017 YWCA Woman of Achievement Award: For achievements in promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity.