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"Hello everyone! My name is Mealaktey Sok, and I am a rising Junior at Classical High School, in Providence, Rhode Island. I am raising money for a pre-college STEM program at Northeastern University called Engineering Innovation and Design."

"I’m calling to raise $2500 for the program at Northeastern because I truly do not want to let go of such an amazing, rigorous program that will inevitably help me pursue my dreams, and I believe that anyone given such a great opportunity should never pass it up because of financial difficulties. I also cannot pass up the opportunity to study at the university I am highly interested in applying to in the future. This program and its admissions process is very competitive, and space is limited.

My dream of becoming a mechanical engineer originates from my passion for drawing. I believe that I would be able to combine my drawing skills and my growing scientific knowledge to be able to create and design unique solutions to current and future scientific problems. When I was younger, I did not have much access to resources to advance my skills and education in STEM subjects.

I hope that the Engineering Innovation and Design program at Northeastern University can provide me an abundance of resources, and use that to my advantage. I believe that through this program, it will challenge me, and pull me out of my comfort zone, but I am willing to learn and push through the rigorous coursework. 

My deadline is on June 1, 2018. Please fund me  and thank you so much for giving me this chance to attend!"

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